Hot Sexy Moods

Michael Hayes

Background music with sexy undertones.

Background music with sexy undertones and themes tailored for films and video.

This is Royalty Free Production Music for productions that are not intended for national or international broadcast or distribution on a large scale. National and International broadcasts and distribution on a large scale require a separate license.

Royalty free background music is economical, easy to download, and easy to license for use in your film, video, and other creative productions.

Our stock music is provided in multiple versions tailored to meet your production needs. Tracks are offered as the original version, underscore or alternate version, and edits of 60, 30, and 15 seconds in length.

Full length previews of all background music tracks are available so you will know exactly what you are getting when you purchase Ear Candy Production Music royalty free stock music.

The composer for collection of background music is Michael Hayes (BMI).

Here is a list of places Michael’s music has been used.


Michael’s music has been used on several television programs; The Sci-Fi Channel’s Proof Positive, 20/20, The History Channel, NBC Dateline, MSNBC Investigates, MSNBC Reports, Access Hollywood, America’s Most Wanted, Crook and Chase Tonight, and more.


Denise Allen, an Occupational Therapist, recorded two CDs of spoken word for relaxation; Cool Karma and Butterfly Dreams. Michael’s music was used for the background of Denise’s projects.

Rissa Records of Sanborn, New York used Michael’s music for its Sounds of Niagara with Music project. Michael’s music provided the background for the soothing sounds of nature recorded around Niagara Falls. The CD was sold in gift shops located at Niagara Falls.


Director Paula Rogge used one of Michael’s songs for the trailer of her movie Movin’ On.

Michael composed music for two short films produced by Bulb Productions of Germany and custom music cues for Woodward, Oklahoma’s Department of Tourism video.

Multi Media

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles used Michael’s music in a multi-media presentation for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


Gameday used Michael’s music for the computer game Space Rescue.

Music Production Libraries

615 Music Library, Kool Kats, Power Sound, Energize Production Music, Di Vinci Music Library, and Bonanza Music Library have all used Michael’s music.

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